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Reports and Papers

In order to share knowledge, Ardot makes available non-proprietary reports and papers prepared by its specialists.

Documents that can be downloaded from this page:

Simula, M. 2017. Manejo forestal sustentable: conceptos y retos. Academia nacional de ciencias forestales A.C., México.

Simula, Markku. 2014. La nouvelle politique forestière de Finlande. Académie d'Agriculture de France.

Simula, Markku. 2008. Financing Flows and Needs for Achieving Sustainable Forest Management and Forest-Based Mitigation of Climate Change.

Simula, Markku. 2008. Mapping of Existing and Emerging Sources of Forest Financing.

Simula, Markku. 2008. International Financing Architecture for Forests.

Simula, Markku. 2008. Financing Flows and Needs to Implement the non-Legally Binding Instrument on All Types of Forests.

Purbawiyatna, Alan & Simula, Markku. 2008. Developing Forest Certification. Towards Increasing the Comparability and Acceptance of Forest Certification Systems Worldwide. ITTO Technical Series #29.Yokohama

Contreras Hermosilla, Arnoldo & Simula, Markku. 2008. Mid-Term Review of Implementation of the World Bank's Forests Strategy. IBRD. Washington, D.C.

Markku Simula. 2006: Issues and Challenges in Developing Industrial
Forest Plantations. Helsinki Summer School 2007 Industrial Forest
Plantation (IFP). August 8, 2007.

Markku Simula: Takeshi Akaha, Bipin Behari & Yam Malla. 2006. Thailand's Mission. ITTO Tropical Forest Update 16/4: 6-9

AND THEIR IMPACTS. Report prepared for FAO.

Markku Simula. Sustainable Forest Management: Need for
International Policies. International Forest Policy Summer School.
University of Helsinki. August 8, 2006
in Powerpoint  09.09.2006

Markku Simula.  Forest Certification in Developing Countries: Challenges of the Private Sector. FAO COmmittee on Forests (COFO FAO/ICFPA/WBCSD Joint Side Event. Rome, March 17, 2005.

Markku Simula. International Discussions on Illegal Logging and Timber Trade and their Potential Implications for Exporters. The 2nd International Congress on Plantation Solid Wood Products. November 29 to December 1, 2004, Curitiba, Brazil.

Esa Puustjärvi and Markku Simula. Options for Harmonization of Definitions of Plantations, Trees outside Forests and Managed Forests. FAO. 2004.


Documents that can be provided upon request:

  Markku Simula,  Satria Astana, Roslan Ishmael, Eliezer J. Santana 
  and Marcelo L. Schmidt. Report on Financial Cost-benefit Analysis 
  of Forest Certification and Implementation of Phased Approaches. 
  ITTC(XXXVII)/13. 2004.

José Augusto A.K. Pinto de Abreu and Markku Simula. Report on the Procedures for the Implementation of Phased Approaches to Certification in Tropical Timber Producing Countries. ITTC(XXXVII)/12. 2004. 


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